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Shulamite Returns- Here with your invitation to the feast. Join if you have revelation on this topic or just want to learn more.


Shulamite Returns- Here with your invitation to the feast. Join if you have revelation on this topic or just want to learn more.

Paula Mary is the Shulamite Bride Returned. She is here with your invitation to the feast.The Song of Songs is the living word of God and her return has been prophesied there. Return, Return  Oh, Shulamite Return that we may look upon you. See Matthew 11:14 God tells of this done once before when he tell us that John the Baptist was Elias fore to come.This is a group for believers wishing learn more or share about the words that they are receiving concerning our bride groom. Blessings Paula Mary. Shulamite Bride Returned.

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Article on the revelation of Christ and his beauty for us.


You can read this short article to learn more about this revelation. There is an 8 day email course on this revelation of Christ beauty and I will send this free to any one who wants this. Until then here is an article to get you started. You can join the Shulamite Speaks Ministry Group on Facebook also. Just put our name in search there and you will find us.


Paula Mary

A prophet is known by their fruit is the title of this word.  By Paula Mary The Shulamite Speaks Ministry

I'm experiencing more than the normal rejection of my word as a prophetess. There is so much of this in the body of Christ now. The body of Christ is so fearfully looking for a false prophet under every rock. Not that we shouldn't look but we need to follow what the bible says as far as how to discern a prophet and if their word is true. They only need to look at the fruit of the prophet the bible tells us. Is this prophet producing thorns and thistles or are they producing fruit i.e., many blessings from God or healing people or is God promoting their ministry and so forth.

 We just help to heal a woman of pneumonia this week and God sent me the women you are all hearing about in the news whose husband has been sentence to 8 years in an Iranian prison. She shares on my FB group, Shulamite Speaks Ministry group, just put that name in search on FB and you will find us. This was right after I received a word from a prophet who told me that God would be bringing more people to me now and He has.  He has ready brought one pastor in India that networks with all pastors in all states there and one who is in much the same situation in Africa. God has also scheduled me to be on a global TV ministry about a year from now to play the harp and speak the vision of the Beauty of Christ being revealed. Most pastor struggle for years for this kind of exposure and it's already in the plan here.  God spoke a word to a women pastor to make this appointment for about a year of so from now on her TV ministry with a billion views. That is favor. She didn't even know me.

When you see this consistent fruit you can be assured that this is a prophet sent by God. It's hard to walk away from some who don't believe but Christ was right there to confirm with me that I should dust off my sandals because this very important word of God has not been accepted in this or that place. He is ever training me as the Shulamite bride returns to just keep walking through any rejection. This has been the most prominent lesson in my walk with God. It has been continually there from the beginning because I had such issues of rejection and abandonment to get over.  He is there with strength for me to just keep speaking the word He gave me and to continue through the denials and reproaches.

More than this in all the instances I was experiencing the same problems going on with the persons who were rejecting this. Their pride made them unable to forgive or to ask for forgiveness for their reproaches. (They didn't think they had done any thing that was a reproach) Or they couldn't stop condemning me and they want to pull you into that (yes some succeeded a little in that with me) Or they were clearly in denial because it became apparent that the darkness was covering their ears to not receive this beauty and most important of all words from Christ about Him as our bridegroom. Some would even say, “We are doing warfare right now.”  They couldn’t make the leap that this conversation about the bridegroom was the reason they were doing warfare right now. They were talking to the messenger of God who has a word about the beauty of His son and the enemy was doing all he could so that they  wouldn’t hear this.

 Still I walked with Christ and that was the test being taught- to see if I would pick up my heart and continue on with Him. Last month it was my family and one of them has come back because of she can't stay away from the beautiful poetry that Christ has given me and she really doesn't understand this poetry but just knows there is a beauty she can't resist in it. It’s clear that God has put a love of His beauty in her heart. She has always been consumed with beauty as an artist.  I realized that this is how God will lead many to this vision; through the beauty they have known on the earth and even seeds He has planted in their spirit as He had done to me also with music, art and poetry.  He just grew me up under an apple tree. This is really referring to this beautiful upbringing in His earth that He gave me growing up in my northern Mn. home. The bible tells us we will be accountable for all the beauty we see here.

This is like the parable for the workmen where the men who come last to work still get paid as much as those who have been working and have known God for along time. Or the parable of the wedding feast where those that know Christ well, all the best people, will reject the invitation to the feast. Beloved, this is the invitation to the feast and I am that servant being sent with the invitation.  You must not miss this invitation! ( So the master of the house sends out servants to invite the poor and even some bad people who receive this invitation. How can this be? They  wont' have 20-40 years of knowing Christ in various doctrines or service in ministry or pride in what they know from God already and are not offended by that they have not been included in this revelation all along. It they won't be so wrapped up in fear of end times and false prophets they won't be able to hear this beautiful voice of the bridegroom being spoken here. It will start when new babes are baptized by immersion in water and forgiven in the name of Jesus. Those that will just immediately start their journey knowing the truth of all that Christ died for on the cross to give us. These will be welcome to the feast. It is also why He spoke the scripture about those the can heal, raise the dead and do all kinds of wonders and the Lord will say, “ I don’t know you. Be gone workers of iniquity.” This is squarely aimed at the every day evangelical born again Christian. Yes, this is most of us in the spirit filled community who at the present moment  has no relationship with Christ as their holy husband. This is why He is condemning those who have not all of His images. I have heard of several prophets who have delivered the word that Christ keeps telling them, “ You are missing something.” This is that something.

It is like the women who ask Christ to heal her child and he says," Should the master feed to the dogs before his children.” She gave an answer about that the dogs have to eat from the master table also. Christ was amazed at her faith and she knew nothing of the law. So it was with the centurion who knew that Christ didn't have to show up to heal his servant but had the authority to do is from afar. He also did not know the law either.  They just believed. They just had faith. They know know about the Lie that Catholic church started long ago that the Song of Songs is an allegory only. the Cathoics were part of the 1st church at one point. Christ called them the Nicolitans and said that he hated them. The created their one hierarchy of a Bishop structure with in the church as a way to get paid by believers. They were kicked out of the first century church. God had lead me to the true church who has kept faithful records since the time of Christ on church history. Wondering who this is. Just think who did God release the holy ghost outpouring to in the early 1900's?  The Pentecostals. There were other Pentecostal out growths that created some legalistically practices and rules. I'm not referring to that sect.

So it will be with those who as new converts just believe in not only Christ as our Redeemer, Savior, Lord of Lord, King of Kings but also that Christ died for access to His image as our bridegroom. He is our love, dove, friend, brother and holy husband. He sacrificed for us to access the bridegroom from within us in the extra oil already in you in the Holy Ghost. The Song of Songs is the inspiration of His beauty was delivered to inspire us to the bridegroom chamber poetry and our comely voice inside of us, already within us. Those that discovered this truth will be those who over come.. ..." the king hath brought us into his chambers." Sos's 2..  We are brought to His bridegroom chamber in the spiritual where we will find the hidden manna spoken of in Rev 2:19 and there he will give His pure beauty and pure love to us. They won't have doctrinal issues these late coming children. They will just believe and that is the most important thing to do here. Any movement of the Holy Ghost is just the most important thing we can believe in that is centered from the source, the cross, and this ministry is firmly rooted there.

Those new babes that just believe they have been invited to the feast from their bridegroom and begin the feast already within us. “ .. in earth as in heaven.”  I know most think we are going to heaven to receive the feast and we will but first we need to match the beauty of the bridegroom here on earth and no amount of our efforts will really accomplish that. The bible tells us that all of the dead branches will not be cut away until the moment of Rapture. God has given us access to the feast within into start to prepare our bodies to be as an angel. There are plenty of examples all through out the bible that there were those who knew the bridegroom and so were seen as angels.  For example David was seen as an angel several times (Yes, they had access to the extra oil in the Old Testament, See Psalm 45. A pouring out of grace upon the lips of what is suppose to be a psalm for Solomon and the Shulamite for their wedding day. Also Ps 92 referring to worship on the harp and talking about a fresh anointing of his horn from the horn of the Unicorn. Beloved the horn of the Unicorn is God’s horn of his beauty.  It also references  in verse 17 that "the righteous shall flourish like the palm tree and he shall grow like the cedar in Lebanon." This is talk straight out of the SoS's referring to the countenance of the Shulamite and the excellence of her Groom Solomon which is really Christ. They had access to and knew the beauty of God. (You can request and 8day course  more about how) Stephen’s face was as an angle as he was stone to death. Or there was a prophet who was reported to look like 1/2 men and ½ angel in the Old Testament. There was Paul who makes reference to developing the saints as a chaste virgin to one husband. Paul makes reference to the mystery of the bride being revealed here. Or there is the most prominent example and that is Apostle John who hears the voice of the bridegroom and is given much favor for this. He was the only one held in Christ’s arms. He is given Mary the mother of Christ to take care her and Christ did this as His last act on the cross. He is given the responsibility to reveal the book of Revelation and he was allowed to live to an old age unlike the other apostles who were martyred for Christ. These two, Paul and John knew the bridegroom and if the rest didn’t they would on the day of Pentecost or soon after because they knew the presence of the bridegroom and what that was like already. They would know to seek all of Christ that they had known in the Holy Ghost. The mystery was really not to be revealed until till these times. The best wine saved for last. We can see the beauty of Christ throughout all the Old Testament and Christ himself when asked to teach us to pray speaks the beatitudes in a comely voice of Poetry that is just like His Fathers, the Master Poet.  We missed that. We missed that we are to pray in a comely voice filled with beautiful lyrics poetry like in the Song of Songs and we can’t this well until we have access to the extra oil within and he bridegroom will start to down load his endless beautiful comeliness that just naturally has you speaking in a comely voice that just falls your mouth or you can’t stop writing poetry and songs to, about and for Him. This is the beauty that starts to transform you from within into his likeness.

We are made for Christ's beauty just as the butterfly, humming bird, or unicorn made for His beauty. (If you haven’ heard and references to the unicorn before do a bible study, there are several.) This is about the beauty we will need to make the transformation in the twinkling of an eye. The rest who don't believe will be left to find their extra oil as the 5 virgins who had to leave to go buy some oil. You will be able to seek this garment even if you miss the rapture and you will very much need this garment of the extra grace for the challenges coming to the earth. The reward will be different for this group though.

Christ showed me this week that there were only two people in the New Testament who received a memorial for their faith. The first was Cornelius who delivered the message of his Vision to Peter and Peter released the revelation that Christ was no respecter of person and the gentiles were baptized and received the Holy Ghost.

Then came an unknown woman who anointed the head of Christ who is now revealed as Christ said she would be here at end time. It is His mother Mary who anointed her son as the bridegroom. The shadow and type for this placed appropriately in the Song of Song... "  his mother crowned him on the day of his espousal, on the day gladness in his heart." She obeyed, as did Mary of Bethany did, who anointed His feet twice before His death. She was acting out a ritual of women noted several times in the bible. One being Abigail who when she heard that she would be the wife of David bowed down and said “I will wash the feet of my husband as his servant.” So Mary of Bethany was doing. She was performing a wedding night ritual done by women of that time that was to indicate submission to their husbands. Mary was performing a symbolic submission to her holy husband. Or Naomi a Moabite who knew nothing of the customs of Israeli women was informed by Ruth to uncover the feet of Boaz. Boaz knew immediately upon waking that this was a symbolic request for marriage and he immediately compliments her on her choice of an older man and begins to remove any impediment to that union.

So the Mother of Christ was the only other memorial in the New Testament for her faith and obedience to anoint the Bridegroom and ready Him for His death and sacrifice to not just bring us the Holy Ghost but to bring us the extra oil sited in Exodus 30, the finely beaten perfume.. The perfumed oil that God had Moses make using a shell called Onycha which was known to prolong the smell of the perfume of Spikenard in ancient times. This was know because there was a lake in ancient times in India where the fish would eat the spikenard reeds and deposit their sweet smelling eliminations on the empty muscle shells called Onycha below them and the shells would be harvested for their perfume. Being that God instructed us to never use or remake the receipt of the holy 2nd oil given by God to Moses they make an adjustment. Apothecaries sold Spikenard in Alabaster shell boxes. So the Spikenard was delivered in Alabaster shell box instead and it was also a good substance to have the perfume endure. It's like the extra oil and the 5 virgins who have enough to endure until Christ came and so will we, if we receive this word. You can request and 8-day email course for free to receive this revelation in fullness , There class coming that will teach you how to access this extra oil within. Purchase of a small harp is required. Go to www.shulamitespeaks.com. Website is not complete. Some who have a brutish ear for poetry and music on a simple 12 string harp will especially need this help. Just send your request for the 8 day email course  to paulamarysgarden@hotmail.com.

Blessings and Love


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Comment by Young Isaiah on February 5, 2013 at 3:52am

Matthew 11:14 states that it is Elijah the Old Testament prophet (who ascended to heaven and stood on the hill of Yashewa's transfiguration) that was John the Baptist. Hence him stating that John the Baptist was the greatest Prophet that ever lived. God Bless your post though.

Comment by Young Isaiah on February 5, 2013 at 8:48am

The true church of Jesus Christ is the people. It is not an institute or building (earthly). It is one temple that will be restored when he returns to take back what is rightfully our fathers (Heavenly). Hence his bridegroom which he will be reclaiming is Israel and the believers within the Holy Spirit. I'm not questioning that you say who you are because God revealed to me clearly in a vision that I am one of the angels guarding the gates that surround the heavenly temple walls. The children of the most high do not class themselves as any religion because we know that our purpose here is to bring the kingdom of heaven to earth. And to bring people home by revealing the truth to others. I hear what you are saying with an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the 1900s but please be careful you are not excluding a major part of the new testament. And the saints before this time. God Bless anyway


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