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God wants to change the cities and towns, God wants to use a prophetic people to release the sound of worship. The sound will tear down strong hold and release the spirit of healing and truth. I pray that God would release his prophetic messages to build a house of prayer.God is looking for people that will burn day and night for His glory to cover the earth. God wants to set us fire for His son. The Father is looking for a bride that will love His son. She will have no other lovers but Jesus. She will take care of the oil that she has been given. She will open that box of oil and waste it at His feet. Let me know what God has called you to do in your city?

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God bless you man of God,the reason we exist is to stand in the gab, raise walls for our city...we will will give our knees no rest and give God no rest until we see his glory glowing over our city Douala Cameroon...Keep us in your prayers

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