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As I was deep in prayer the Lord impressed in my spirit that many of God’s chosen and appointed leaders have truly been suffering in these past few years which has caused them much shame. They are apostle, prophets, and pastor. It seem as though your vision has died and that the words God has spoken to you has fell to the ground. You have spoken in faith before the people standing on the word and in righteousness but it seem as though God has not moved.
I heard the word of the Lord saying;
Do not be ashamed for I am with you, don’t be ashamed for loving me for I will cause you to bud even blossom to come. You will shine brighter than before, I will keep an open door before you, I am the lord and I do not lie. WATCH FOR THE SOUND OF RAIN not only rain BUT POURING RAIN and this is how much so I will bless the work of your hands. You have not loved me in vain but in precocious gold I will return your love. Now go, Now speak, Now prosper for healing is in your wings. Rise up as an eagle above them for you shall sit in the called place led by the wind (Spirit) So go declare the works of the Lord and blessing shall indeed follow
May this word rest in good ground in which it was sent and bring life in Jesus Name.

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Comment by Apostle William Dameh on April 21, 2009 at 7:08am
WOW! this is so timely. Thank you so much for availing yourself so we can have this WORD.


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