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This is Apostle Da’Truth teller and back with another zinger. I guess you are wondering what is WWYJ? Well it is a great conversation piece and I hope that it sticks like glue. Who Want Your Jesus (WWYJ)? Yes I said it and yes! I mean it. I am one who loves anything that is intelligent, excellent and definitely transforming. I came to realize that the Jesus I know was just that kind of guy. However, you have so many Jesus’ especially in name today and there’s even one that they call Lord and apparently he is also found in the Holy Bible along with mine, so they say. How can 2 Jesus’ be in the same book and with 2 different characters; or are some of us misled?

Now my Jesus has transformed my life far and beyond measure or more than I could have ever imagined or thought, as well as others that I know. However, the other Jesus that most speak about cannot transform nor deliver because they are human and they are NOT perfect. What a sad case it is to follow a leader that has NO power to undertake, undergird or understand the dilemmas that the followers encounter. Maybe it is because they are human and their god is a spirit and the two cannot mix. On the other hand I am a spirit and my God is also a spirit and that helps me to relate to Him as He does to ME.

People too often take on images and beliefs that are suitable for acceptance from people rather than believing and knowing what God has called us to and to be. He has also stated who we are with and in Him. First of all man is a spirit as his God is. Jesus is a triune being and so are we.
1 Thess. 5:23 confirms this: “And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.” People tend to replace the soul and spirit with the body (flesh) because it is visible and that is the term that men choose to use instead. This is where I believe “Webster” came off with the word human to relate to “all” mankind. It was too strange to say or call us spirit-man for having the fear of being seen as too “ghostified” as they call it. Casper was all spirit and NO body because a body cannot penetrate doors, walls or any other objects and would hinder his supernatural occurrences. Casper floated more than he stood still because he had no flesh (body). We serve a supernatural God who wants us to be just as supernatural in our thinking and actions (spiritually). Being over-comers when told not so. You remain to be victorious when things are seen as too difficult. You are healed when the doctors say no more or nothing else. Supernaturally you walk in every area of abundance holistically as the Word of God states you should (3 John 1:2).

The body (flesh), the human part of us that man has identified himself as, is the persona that the majority has comfortably embraced. To say that YOU are human as Christians is saying that YOU are flesh and that is NOT scriptural. There is NO perfection in the flesh but there is perfection in your “spirit”, where the Holy Spirit of God dwells. Your spirit/soul is the real “YOU” and NOT your body or the flesh that houses you here in the earth. The word of God states that “no” flesh should glory in his presence (1 Cor. 1:29).To identify with being totally human is to also accept the ideas of humanism and other beliefs of scientists and theologians who believe that we came from monkeys and other foreign substances. God is the Creator and we are His creation being in His likeness and image. So is God human? God is sinless and so should we be as well. The flesh (human) causes us to do the sin but the spirit causes us to obey God when redeemed (sin-less).

The father called us man, woman and mankind as a whole and not human. Men continue to divert and change things that were put in place by God, to justify the desires of the flesh. Well having said all of that, which Jesus does “YOU”, relate and identify with? I chose the Almighty One, the One who works miracles, and the One where there is “nothing” truly impossible with or for Him, including sustaining and keeping me. My Jesus can “perfect” and make me blameless as well, even “now”. When His spirit indwells in us it is a bona-fide transformer. There is “NO” doubt about His power and authority here in the earth that works through and in us (Eph. 3:20). Well some might say that we “all” fall, have flaws and make mistakes and that is true to a certain extent but when we are adamant about saying that no one can live or be holy, we degrade and undermine the power of God (Jude 1:24-25).

We fail in our walk because we fail to “obey” scripture, which if we are even reading and comprehending it. We fail to obey, fast, pray, fellowship, connect with righteous brethren, allow discipline and also to be conscientious of the price that was paid for our salvation (Heb. 6:4-6). Nevertheless, I wonder where is that Jesus dwelling that people refer to, that have allowed his followers to speak so negative about him as being so hopeless, powerless, spine-less, backless, action-less and so careless that he would be identified as god but “NO” control or power to help his hopeless sheep from living so defeated. I do “not” want that god, what about “YOU”? So in my conclusion saints, let us let the whole world know as the apostles continue to do through scriptures and that is to love the Lord our God with “ALL” our heart, mind, body, spirit and soul and love our neighbors as ourselves, so that we may fulfill scriptures and “BE” obedient to our Father. Let “YOUR” light so brightly shine “BEFORE” men and LIVE! (Matt. 5:16).

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