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Some of these Pentecostal Pimps...Baptist Baptizers in their harem..and Methodist Method Men..Catholic Cat Daddys...and the rest. ..Jehovah you don't have a Witness of my slickness...Moslem Many Women Men....all ya...in the courts the King had ENUNCHS.....who castrated to serve. .Spiritually castrate yourself until your WIFE comes along....honor your church sisters and stop acting like it's a smorgasbord. ..even if you are invited. .and the non churched women....like they are Canaanite women (dogs) and it doesn't matter, 'cause they don't count..and you think that because it's the same sex...and you think.this Word doesn't apply to you...Yes it counts to....BE A ENUNCH for the KING OF KINGS....I can't buy an AMEN.

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