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Do not faint nor be weary for I shall come and that soon. Trust in the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob for as I was with them so shall I AM with thee. Wipe your tears and dry your eyes for I AM the beginning and the end. For as the wind bloweth you know not whence it comes but you know it comes, so shall I come in the mist of your troubles. Wipe you tears dry your eyes for I am he that cometh and my reward is in my hand. Get up children from your bed of afflictions and rise and shine for I AM as the sun and set as the moon. Get up and declare my goodness remembering I AM great for MY people the script is about to flip.

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Comment by Prophet Tom Hayden on April 9, 2009 at 6:53pm
Dear Minister Moton,
Thank you for your word. I am in Florida at the moment recovering from...
I ministered Sunday April 5th for two services and came in extremely late. Monday the 6th I rested and did not eat until late that day. Unknown to me I ate some tainted food, the result was food poisoning. Although it was suggested very strongly that I go to the hospital after being diagnosed by a nurse friend of mine. I prayed and felt led to just continue fasting and praying as I had been. Tues and Wednesday saw no improvement but early morning about 3 am I felt heard that voice and felt that touch that I longed for. I awoke totally healed and have been rejoicing all day. I am still weak, 8 pounds lighter but I am back up and running.
Thanks for your word I receive it as a continued confirmation.
Prophet Tom


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