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The Punishment of Wicked Alabama

“Tell them, ‘I will punish them,’ says the Living God. I see all you do, you rig the primaries, you slander your opponent with false accusations of sexual misconduct, then you steal the election, stuffing the ballot box. Is that how you conduct an election, stealing it from the rightful winner? I AM A God on Fire, and I will punish you in fiery Hell you wicked politicians. First I will round you up and have you executed by My Fire, for wickedness cannot stand it, for I AM A God on Fire. Next I will have you in My Judgment Hall, before the Throne. There I will sentence you to death, the Second Death of Eternal Hell. There your death never ends, you wicked politicians, where your guilt never ends, and your worm never dies, and your flame never gets quenched. Prepare for death, wicked Alabama politicians, for I AM A God on Fire, and I will have you put in the funeral home before you can amend your ways, and you wicked Democrats will roast in Hell forever. Prepare for it! For I AM burning with anger against the Home of the Brave, and the Land of the Free, and nothing can stop Me from pouring out My fury on your land. See California? The same wildfires will happen to you with Army assistance. Your grand forests will be gone, your cities demolished by My hand, for I will send the Avenger, even the Death Angel to turn your populations against one another, the White against the Black, and both against the Hispanic, and you shall be consumed by My hand. Prepare for death, O evil Alabama people, for it shall come swiftly, for I AM A God of Wrath to those who do not repent, but persist in your wicked ways. Your God has spoken, prepare for it! Amen.”

“Your end comes near, prepare for it! For your wickedness cannot be tolerated, for I will put you in Hell, and there you shall roast and scream in agony forever, even the Lake of Fire, which burns mightily against you. There your agonies never end, your punishment is forever, your death permanent, for it never ends. Forever and ever roasting in white-hot flames, for I called you to do My will, but you did your own. Your God has spoken.”

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