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What's wrong with the "faith once delivered?"  (Jude 3).

The faith once delivered was delivered once and for all. No need to be revamped, reinvented or reconstructed to suit the times day or culture. Our job is to submit to the Lord and his plan for the church rather than reinvent the ministry with our plan for the church. The book of Acts Contain the blueprint for salvation and church order. Many today will talk down the traditional apostolic and Pentecostal folks for their work yet let's remember these denominations know more than us as individuals and have more experience too than us as individual ministers. Let's not allow pride to exalt ourselves and call them in the wrong.

I'm not a denominational person, but I do preach in a variety of denominations. They add to me and I benefit from their experience and knowledge. One thing I've found is that the Apostolic’s and Pentecostal’s do place truth ahead of their own pursuit of self promotion and status in ministry and to me that’s admirable.

Its harder not being a part of a denomination for then one has to guard his heart against error, watch his doctrine for heresy and guard his attitude towards indifference and prejudism, and lets face it, when we are alone in ministry the check and balance is easily avoided or disregarded.

Bashing denominations does not reveal their problem but our own. In the meanwhile I'll content for the apostolic’s and Pentecostals simply because for me they contend for the faith once delivered, a "common salvation" shared among all true apostles and apostolic book of acts preachers and not a reinvented gospel of their own making.


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