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This is a word that I shared with my leaders and I felt compelled to share it with you
Ps 139v14-16
1. Your assignment is your contribution in life, so value it.1Corithians 12v4-7,17-20
• We are not competing with anybody but ourselves
• Not competition but complementing
2. Quit doing someone’s assignment and concentrate on yours
3. The anointing will increase as you continue to excel in your assignment.
• 1Kings 10v23-25,1Samuel 2v18-19
• Even wealth will increase

4. Your ability determines your load .Ephesians 4v7, Math 25v15, 1Samuel 10v2-4, 16v20, 1Samuel 17v17-18
• If you are Saul don’t try to be David or vice versa
• Stop envying your brother
5. Stay within the boundaries of your assignment
• Saul stepped outside and lost the kingdom.1Samuel 13v8-10
• It cost him his assignment
6. Learn to listen and obey the Lord’s voice always
• Moses hit the rock, water came out for the people but lost Canaan(assignment)
7. Allow the Lord to order your steps each day.”The steps of a good man……..”
Mary changed her plans when she discovered her assignment.”Many are the plans ….”Galatians 5v25, Romans 8v14
8. Control your eating habits .Judges 13v3-5, Luke 1v15
• Eat to your health and not to your taste and appetite/craving
9. Give to the level of your assignment
• Some ministers don’t know how to bless other ministers
• Be a conduit not a container
• Be a river not a dam
• Be a distribution area not a warehouse

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