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Greetings from Mexico!!!

It has finally started to rain (with a little help from Hurricane Jemina)…but nothing like the last few years. It has been staying hot BUT we have Electric!!! We have fans!!! And we’ll make it through!

The many faces of Mike!!!
He wears many hats… but it’s always the same loveable Mike under each of them… weather he is setting up to show a movie in Tuxpan, Ready to share the Word of the Lord in Pochotitan or run the video camera in the Church on Sunday for television… He does it with all His heart. He is seen twice a month going into the prison and has had a great impact on not only inmates…but the guards as well. God opens the doors…we just have to be obedient and walk through them.

Jon Fleming from Cape Girardeau, MO will begin his 6 month internship with us the coming week. We are as excited as he is because of some of the neat things that have been added to the calendar. Lots of work and some play time as well!

I’ve been busy too but then there is only one me so it is difficult to take pictures of what I do!! This month Karina spent the day with me to sort through all the school supplies we had been given in the USA. All together we made over 45 bags of supplies for the children in two different villages. Each bag had a pencil box, crayons, markers, colored pencils, pencil sharpner, ruler, black pencils, glue and loose paper as well as note books for school. Karina will be helping again as we begin the sort of all the Christmas goodies. We plan on making up and giving away over 100 shoe box gifts in at least three different villages. For the men we hope to have a hygiene bag and for the women we are looking at making up Mary Kay goodie bags! God has been so generous through our friends and supporters in the USA…that we can be generous in the villages as well. Karina and her husband Bruno and maybe their two little girls will be helping deliver them along with Mike and Jon and myself to the different villages!

We have a new website… since geocities is closing in Oct we have purchased our own domain!!! I guess we have finally reached the 21st century! Check it out www.makuelker.com I’ll keep working on it until it is all that it can be. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, Xanga, My Church (makuelker) and My Space at (kuelker_missions)

On Facebook you can also find us as a group and check out the Apps Sponsor me and Kuelker Missions Causes.

God continues to provied our daily needs as well as all of our ministry needs through faithful supporters in the USA. Even in these hard times in the USA and around the world. Our FM3 does not allow us to work for pay in Mexico, making it hard to be tent makers.

Paypal does NOT allow us to give you a tax receipt but the Causes on Face book does. Thank you for your continued Prayers and Support!


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