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PROPHETIC WORD: Sexual Immorality (Mature Audiences Only)

WARNING:  This blogpost is for mature audiences (18+ years old) because of its content.  If you are under the age of 18, please exit this blogpost NOW.

Sexual immorality is not accepted.  Pornography is not accepted.  No one is allowed in my House with that kind of garbage.  It is an abomination to Me.  You are not allowed to touch people no matter what.  You are not allowed to keep your eyes open.  I said, "close them."  When someone forces you to have sex with them, it is against Me.  When you are not married, it is not right at all.  I am not going listen to this anymore!  He lies to you all the time.  You have no idea what he's doing to you.  You have no idea how much this hurts Me.  I told you to wait for marriage.  I told you to listen to Me.  I told you who to marry.  I told you if you listen to Me, you would know truth.  I am saving you from heartache.  I KNOW who is worthy of you.  You are not allowed to take it for granted.  You are not allowed to tell Me "no."  I told you I would save you.  I told you I would let you know truth.  I told you I would NEVER leave you.  I told you I would be back.  I am planning on coming back.  I am planning on taking all of this from you.  I don't know why you don't listen to Me.  I don't know why you don't understand truth.  Why don't you see the things he is doing to you?  Why don't you see what his motives are?  He hates Me.  He wants to see Me fail.  I will not fail.  I have NEVER failed at anything and I WILL NOT fail at this.  I AM going to save My people.  I am going to tell them truth.  I want them to know about these things.  I want them to come back to Me.  I need them to make a choice.  I need them to decide.  Do they love Me?  Do they see Me all around?  I want them to know I won't hurt them.  I want them to see the things I see.  I want them to know more…


Thank You Jesus!!!  AMEN.

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