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Prophecies Against Los Angeles, Las Vegas, And New York City

Prophecies Against Los Angeles, Las Vegas, And New York City

Prophecies given through Brian Charles


“This’ll all be a thing of the past, covered by the sands of time.”  —Laughlin, NV casinos and town

“This will all be a thing of the past.  People will run out of money.  It will all go overseas.  It’s My judgment on the nation.  Flee this place.”  —Laughlin, NV

“The people are like that—they’re as selfish as can be.”

“It’ll be gone in a flash.  It’ll be gone in a flash, My son.”  —Lake Havasu City, AZ

“I’ll judge for this.”  —gambling

“My anger burns against this place.  Las Vegas too.”  —Laughlin, NV

“”This’ll all be a thing of the past, buried under the sands of time.  It’ll be a thing of the past.”  —Laughlin Outlet Mall

“It’ll all dry up and blow away.  It’ll look like a ghost town.  America will dry up completely.”

“All this will stand empty.”  —Las Vegas casinos

“I’m gonna destroy this place suddenly.  Its fall shall be hard.”  —Las Vegas

“Money will be a thing of the past.  All this will be a thing of the past.”  —shopping malls

“I’ll judge for that.”  —giving lukewarm lipservice to the true religion

“I’ll destroy the beer industry.”

“I’m gonna judge ‘em for that!”  —God’s people having other loves in their heart, and lost their first love

“I’ll judge for that.”  —people giving excuses

“I’ll judge for that!”  —pastors loving money, refusing to build Christ’s Kingdom, but building their own

“Wickedness shall increase in the land ‘til all be consumed.  For they have cast My law behind them, and despised My words.  For the wickedness of the priests.  That’s why the country will be destroyed.  You must leave the country.”

“I will judge for that.  They refuse to obey by saying excuses.  I hate that with a passion.  It prevents people from obeying Me.  It’s infectious.  It will be judged.  Thus says the LORD.”  —people giving religious excuses, refusing to obey God

“I’ll judge for both.”  —America being founded for the Gospel—the work undone, and to grow tobacco to ship to England

“I’ll judge for that!”  —women wanting to go to college to be something great

“Nobody wants to obey Me.”

“This country will become an empty wasteland, full of cactus and tumbleweeds.  All this will be empty and waste.  Because My people don’t do My will.”  —America

“I’ll judge for that.”  —local leaders & businessmen making everything illegal & too expensive for the young people—protecting their own turf

“I’ll judge for that.”  —Arabs & Africans getting stoned on Khat

“I’ll judge for that too.”  —men sitting around getting drunk drinking beer

“They won’t serve Me.  They love money.  They’re going to Hell for that.  They’re all out chasing money.  That’s why they won’t serve Me.  They won’t serve Me.  They’re all going to Hell.  Pastors too.  They’re all going to Hell unless they repent.”  —evangelists

“I must destroy this empire.  You’ll see it before your very eyes.  Its sin has come before Me.”

“Soon those (Military Police Units) will be everywhere, patrolling the streets, controlling the crowds.”

“My people are like that—they won’t obey.”

“Don’t be mad and angry, and I’ll be with you.”

“I’m gonna judge for that!”  —people not liking the truth

“It’ll be blasted to smithereens!  Its judgment is coming!  Warn them!  —NYC

“I’ll destroy them places (NYC, CA, FL), for the abortions committed there.  All the states shall be destroyed.”

“My wrath has come to full fruition.  It MUST be done!  Send your mail.  It will come suddenly.”  —NYC nuclear attack

“All this will be blasted apart one day.  Even in disaster I’ll be with you.”  —Las Vegas

“They Church keeps on chugging, doing its own thing, but Jesus is not a part of it.  They won’t let Him.  My Church has deserted Me.  They love the world more than Me.  I must judge them for that.  That’s why I have forsaken them.  They won’t let Me in.  They won’t let Me be a part.  I must judge for that.”  —the Church

“I’m gonna destroy this place, you’ll see—by nuclear war!”  —Utah

“You MUST go!  Flee the city of My wrath!”  —Los Angeles

“I’ll have mercy on this place because you asked.  The judgment will not come immediately.”  —Los Angeles

“This place will be destroyed suddenly.  Millions will not survive.  Millions will die.”  —Los Angeles

“I’m gonna destroy that place with such mighty force that you won’t believe it!”  —Los Angeles

“Those high mountains will be submerged under the sea.  All this place will be sunken.  You must get out of here!  It’ll all be gone!  Few will serve Me My way.  You must go.”  —Los Angeles

“They won’t listen.  They’ll be all gone.  I must judge this place.  Its sin has come up before Me.  This city will be destroyed in a second.  Great is My wrath against this place.  Its people must repent or else.”  —Los Angeles

“I will judge for that.”  —people always looking for a better deal in life

“Don’t be against ‘em.”  —the Black people

“Those days will return.”  —the times of having to ride horses to get out West

“He didn’t do things My way.  He’s in Hell.  He’ll be there forever, burning in flames.”  —Johnny Cash

“Few make it.”  —to Heaven

“I will judge for that!”  —pastors who sacrifice truth for numbers and money

“I’ll destroy this place suddenly with My mighty hand.  They won’t obey Me.”  —Los Angeles, L.A. Airport

“I’ll judge for that.”  —prosperity gospel ‘seed gift’ pastors conning God’s people, tempting them with greed and covetousness to get them to give to their ministries

“This city must be destroyed.  It won’t obey Me, none of ‘em will.  See this place will be destroyed suddenly.  Someday this will be a thing of the past, destroyed by My mighty hand.  All this will be submerged underwater.”  —Los Angeles, UCLA, Los Angeles International Airport

“All this will be history—empty casinos, deserted streets, lost souls, end times.  I must destroy this place.  Its sin has risen before Me.  It will be sudden.  Flee.  Someday this will all be underwater.”  —Los Angeles

“That’s what’s gonna be— nothing will be left remaining.  People are too selfish to serve Me here.  All they want is the world.  I must judge them for that—by nuclear fire!”  —the Los Angeles megacity totally destroyed

“This place must go.  They won’t obey Me.  It all must be destroyed.  They won’t obey Me.”  —Los Angeles

“I’ll tear it down by force.”  —Empire State Building

“It will all come down in an instant.”  —Westwood Gateway Towers, Los Angeles

“This will be a piece of history, lost in the sands of time.”  —Las Vegas

“Many will die, judgment will be great.  I have waited for many to repent, for no avail.  Great will be the death in the world, starting with My Church.”

“It’ll all be submerged underwater.  It all must go.  Its sin has risen before Me.  Yes, I MUST destroy this place!  You MUST get out of here!  Come down in a minute.”  —Los Angeles

“It’ll all be gone.”  —NYC nuclear bomb

“Destroy My people.  They won’t do anything about it (Planned Parenthood).  They MUST be destroyed.  I MUST destroy this place.  Its sin has risen before Me.”  —Los Angeles

“It’s all gonna go belly-up.”  —the economy, all of the store

“My Church has deserted Me.  I must destroy them for that.  By nuclear war.  Thus says the LORD of Hosts, Amen.”

“That’s how it will happen—suddenly.  Few will survive.  You must tell.  You must send.  This land will be destroyed suddenly.”  —Los Angeles & California

“Great will be her destruction.  Flee for your life.  You must go.  This will ALL be destroyed in a second.  Great is My wrath against this place.”  —Los Angeles, and Los Angeles Airport

“My people shall be destroyed, for the sin of their mouths—they talk much but do nothing.  They MUST be destroyed.  Amen.  I will destroy them all.”  —the churches in New York State

“Great is My wrath against this place.  I MUST destroy this place.  It’ll be crumbled beneath your feet.  Its sin has risen before Me.  You’ll see—a great nuclear disaster.  See what they do?  You must go.”  —UCLA

“I’ll judge for that!”  —people talking but doing nothing

“I will judge for that!  I expect them to help.”  —God’s people saying ‘I can’t help you’ when they’ve been blessed materially-financially

“They’ve all followed their own way and won’t obey.  I must judge for that.  Amen.”

“That will change.”  —Christianity will begin having an impact on Japanese girls

“All this will be submerged underwater.”  —UCLA, Bel Air, Brentwood, Westwood Village

“You’ll see—a great nuclear disaster.  It must happen.  Its sin has come up before Me.  I must judge New York.  Its sin has risen before Me—by nuclear fire!  You’ll see—nuclear destruction.”

“Submerged under the sea.”  —Cajon Summit Mountains

“I’m gonna destroy this place with a sudden blast.”  —Claremont

“America will be destroyed by nuclear bombs, because My Church has forsaken Me.”

“I will create a new Church by revival.”

“I’m gonna destroy this place suddenly.”  —Las Vegas

“All this land will break off into the ocean.”  —California

“I’m gonna bring it all down.”  —highway overpasses, buildings

“You like it because it is nice and sunny.  Millions will die.  It will all be submerged underwater.”  —Los Angeles

“It all must go under the sea.”  —Los Angeles, California

“I’ll annihilate this race.  Few will survive.  You must go.  Few will survive.  Amen.”

And thou, Capernaum, which art exalted unto heaven, shalt be brought down to hell: for if the mighty works, which have been done in thee, had been done in Sodom, it would have remained until this day.  Matthew 11:23


We would have healed Babylon, but she is not healed: forsake her, and let us go every one into his own country: for her judgment reacheth unto heaven, and is lifted up even to the skies Jeremiah 51:9

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