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Preachers called by God feel compelled to obediently serve as the “mouthpiece” for God,

Preachers called by Almighty God feel compelled to obediently serve as the “mouthpiece” for GOD.

“This carries with it an awesome responsibility -- a responsibility never to project or present anything or anyone else, save GOD and GOD's message,

“Preaching, then, is a dangerous occupation. Proclamation is a frightening engagement, as we stand in the name of -- and on behalf of -- the living GOD of this universe, who chooses to use us as his intermediaries, to speak his word.”

Communication skills, preaching technique and homiletical tools matter, but not as much as the message itself,  

“I proclaim to you … that it’s not more aids that we need. We do not need more oratory. We do not need more lyrical gimmicks,”  “We need more messengers of God, bearers of the word of God, conduits of the truth, of the counsels of Almighty God -- persons who will proclaim, ‘Thus says the Lord.’”

Preachers must understand not only the message God has given them, but also possess a proper understanding of God.

“Such is the awesomeness of this task that we need always to be wary of persons who are overly glib and overly confident in the handling of this truth, for the weight of it rests heavily on us,”  “We dare not misrepresent God

“We who stand in the name of  THE MOST HIGH GOD  YHWH will always face tension in a world that is still upside-down concerning matters of equality and notions of superiority. Whatever the source of the tension, let us stand firm in the conviction that we are here, not so much because we think that being here brings with it a sense of actualization, but because we go where YAH  sends us, do what YAH bids us do and say what YAH tells us

“And remember this -- the strength of our authority does not reside in any sponsor or any who supports us. The force of our message does not depend  any institution. Our authority comes from the divine  call on our lives, and God’s message is never inferior.”

Preachers run the risk of getting into trouble when they faithfully proclaim the message God gives them, The church today needs preachers who “will not consider their bank balance or examine their own welfare before determining what to preach,” “We need preachers who will not stop to assess their future before deciding whether they should obey God in what they say.”

The true preacher called by God maintains a global vision.

“Our message is therefore never culture-bound, even though it must have cultural relevance and sensitivity,” “Our message must never be exhausted only by local concerns. … Let our message challenge the structures of imprisonment, bondage and evil, which are manifesting themselves in sinful ways and acts of rebellion all across this world.

“Let us speak truth to power. Let us proclaim truth to systems that nourish inequity and injustice, racism and poverty. And let us say with clarity and conviction, without fear or favor, ‘Thus saith the Lord, Let God’s people go.’

“And if they ask us -- in fact, when they ask us -- From where have we come? Who are we? Tell them, ‘We are they who have heard the Lord speaking to us.” Tell them: Our Lord has spoken.


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