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Greetings from Mexico

What a month for change… Jon Arrived Sept 2nd.. and we were off and running… That weekend was the first gathering of the One Mexico One Prayer movement… two weeks later we gathered at the fair grounds and had over 1000 people come together in unity.. On the 26th we had the last event at the Theater…over 1000 people inside and about 300 outside watching on a big screen!!

Mike has already gotten Jon on the camera at Vida and he is doing well. There are so many aspects to what we do.. Jon is getting a pretty good view of what it is all about. This month we have been able to get to Pochotitan (if only for a few minutes…the car was leaking)

It was a fairly painless fix and we were back on the road to El Roble… Mike, Bruno, Jon and I were able to take with us two boxes of clothes and food supplies for the members of the church. We also gave the school kids goodie bags full of school supplies. After we had lunch we had a small service Mike shared and Pastor Luis reshared in Huichol. All the ladies came forward for prayer!

Mike has also been into the Prison twice this month… last week there were two guys that gave their hearts to the Lord. God is really doing some great things there.

We have also been notified that our IAM office is moving… The current return envelopes will continue to work for a few months.. and I’ll have them all changed by January 2010. They are moving to Cleveland... nothing else changed... it's still IAM... check it out on the new website!!

Next month doesn’t look like it will slow down at all… Tecuala, Tuxpan, Pochotitan, El Roble, Las Pilas and of course Vida!

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