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Who art thou Lord? I am Jesus!

For God to encounter a man is the ultimate experience a man or woman can have in life. I say experience because when God encounters a man he is forever changed, both in his mission and passion in life.

Meeting God is not only an event, and an experience, but Its also an encounter with truth. Truth is a person! Many will look to religion for truth. but unless one finds Jesus one cannot claim to have found truth! Jesus said "I am the way the Truth!" Truth is a person and when a person meets Jesus, he forsakes all other knowledge in exchange for this treasure he has found. The result he is baptized into his name, comes into his family and receives his Holy Ghost, and embarks on a mission to declare his name to all those around him.

To know Jesus is to know God. This then is why I say meeting Jesus is the greatest event a man can experience in life. Its the ultimate revelation given by God of God in which he himself declares, "I am Jesus." (Acts 9:5 Acts 2:38 John 3:5).


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