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LORD THAT I MAY KNOW YOU by Minister Jacqueline Richardson

One day I knelt beside my bed

And I began to pray

Lord I want to know you

In a very special way.


Little did I realize

The prayer that I had prayer

Little did I understand

The process it would take.


The trials then surrounded me

The battles seem to rage

I could not understand at all

How I had gotten to this stage.


I figured maybe I had sinned

And failed God in some way,

I thought I needed to repent

So I began to pray.


I poured my heart out to the Lord

But then I heard Him say,

"My child you asked to know me

in a very special way.


I have placed you in the fire

Not that you would burn

But that you may experience me

And many lessons learn.


For I have known rejection,

Suffering and pain

But in the midst of what

I went through

I did the victory gain.


Look not at what you are going through

For it will come to pass

But when I lead you out of it

You will experience my glory at last.


For the sufferings of this present time

Will never ever compare

To the glory that I shall reveal in you

As you remain in my love and care."


In order to be more like Christ

We must decrease in self

We must be willing to take up our cross

And for Christ count all things but loss.


So today if you are going through

What seems like the midnight hour

Rely on the promises of God

And experience His divine power.


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Comment by Pastor Schwanda Cunningham on July 26, 2011 at 11:45pm
AMEN that is a powerful message


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