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December 2nd 2008

How did you do that is a question that you should be asked over and over throughout your lifetime, if we are followers of Christ? When we are doing something that appears to have a certain amount of success attached to it, then people want to emulate it. Success in any God given endeavor is not based on secret information but personal information. The words spoken to us for our success work solely based on obedience and adherence to the directives given.

There is not short cut to success. I can attest to this.

Now that I have moved from one location to another and it looks like the transition went pretty smooth, I have been given liberty to share about the how of this geographical natural spiritual relocating. From an outside perspective everything looks smooth but to be the one actually moving it can be quite a different experience. The dual realities of success and failure are always knocking at your doors. Success knocks on your front door and says come out and lets go forward and failure knocks just as loudly at your backdoor begging you to run away with him because all is lost, run while you can still save yourself.

No one wants to court failure but if not careful we can believe the lies of the enemy and runaway from the plans of God. It is so simple to entertain failure and not all that easy to open the door to success. God in His divine knowledge and made it this way for a reason but do you understand why? Truly either door we open we will pay a price and He has fixed it so we cannot open both at the same time. It is our choice on which we want to open.

The decision I made to come to the beach area of North Carolina did not originate in my mind but came through that of another person. Father God reconnected me with a young woman whom I had known in my youth and we had not spoken for over seventeen years. On the outside our relationship is as normal as any other with the exception of one thing this young lady once held my heart as no other person had here upon the earth and if I trusted anyone with my life it would have been her. Father knew I needed someone I could trust in order to make this next move.We all need need human encouragement from time time to time. She didn’t decide the move for me but helped me during the figuring out process.

Our spirit man says yes while our soul man can be so weak at times so Father created friends.

It was in the course of this relationship that Father started talking to me about relocating to the area I am in presently. After many challenges and lots and lots of prayer I am here and now I want to share more about who I am and how I operate and yes I will work on getting more photos of myself on the website soon. I promise. Let me share with you for a minute...

Very often I get letters asking Tom who are we that you speak about so often, how many are with you? I want to assure you that even though I may be alone in the natural but Father is always with me. When I use the plurals of we and us verses the personal possessives of I you may now understand that I mean that Father God and I are a couple.

I may not be married here on the earth but I am in heaven and I never see myself separate from Him hence the reference of we and us is now disclosed. It always amazes me when people miss this one.

Ok now that I have disclosed my love life in Christ let’s talk about the second most important thing people are most concerned about, money. Either you have it or you don’t and outside of that reality exists one other small thing called faith. Father gives all His children a measure of faith and to some He will give the gift of Faith. I would be the latter and it has not come without cost. My book “BROKEN” chronicles how Father built up this faith over the years to what it is now. Contact me to obtain your own personal autographed copy.

I am now in Kure Beach North Carolina because of this Faith and live on it daily. My faith has substance of which a lifetime of trials has proved to be true and this Faith works providing I follow His blueprints. Here is a case in point.

On Tuesday November 4th early in the morning Father woke me up and told me to empty my bank account and give all my money away to a certain ministry, every penny nickel and dime.

You cannot imagine the battle that ensued. I did nothing but pondered the words that I had heard all of that day.

Early in the morning of Wednesday November 5th I tossed about as Father reminded me of stories and acts of faith by men that I either know or have read about. I dreamt about the testimony of Pastor Benny Hinn. When he first started way back in the 70's he was in great need and had no way out. Father asked him to give it all away just as Father was asking me to do the same.

My needs were greater than my finances and like Oral Roberts has said so many times, if it doesn’t meet your need then it’s your seed. Don’t eat your seed.

I told no one about my decision to give it all away. I wired everything I owned to the ministry Father laid on my mind and breathed just a moment of fresh air before I realized what I had just done. As I dwelled more on my lack of ability to help myself I panicked. Then a voice said Tom you will have overdraft charges because of the wire transfer but you can save yourself because you have ten dollars cash that you can put back in the bank. Think about it you will be the first one to seed into any empty bank account. I got in my truck and headed for the bank with my ten dollars in hand. Along the way I waited at a stoplight and another voice said, hey there is the video store. The video you want is in there and it costs ten dollars. Why don’t you go and get it? You know you like it.

I pushed that thought away and went to the bank. I deposited the money and tried to rejoice.

When I got home and sat down on the couch I heard Father say, Tom are you happy now? What part of I want you to have an empty account don’t you understand? I want to show myself mighty here and I don’t need your help. Not only did you give the original amount away to that ministry but now I want you to give the ten you just deposited also. And that was Me telling you about the video not the enemy. He drove you to the bank along with fear and doubt in the backseat. You were not acting in faith when you placed the ten dollars in the bank and without faith it is impossible to please me. So now you do not have ten dollars in the bank you also do not have the video.

I wired the ten dollars.

Now I had nothing but time to repent….

Friday November 7th I get an e-mail from someone that I barely knew who lives out of the country who says Father has directed them to empty out their account and wire the funds to me and the ministry.

This is the first I have shared this testimony as it just happened a matter of weeks ago. The ministry I seeded into and how much I gave is unimportant. The amount that Father sent into my empty bank account and who sent it is not important but that the thing that is most important is when we are obedient by and through faith Father does provide.

I am in my new place and I still have many needs as I find myself settling in. If Father is asking you to sow into my ministry or somewhere else please do so. It is not the money we look at but the faith and obedience that planted the seed.

Living by faith is not easy but I would rather run to the front door instead of the back. I would know.

Write to me and call when you can.

Thanks for letting me share pieces of my life and testimony.

Your friend and His servant,


My new Contact info:

Tom Hayden Ministries
Po Box 78
Kure Beach, N C 28449

Phone: 1.910.707.0259


"Walk with us, Dream with us, Build with us as we go to the new land"

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Comment by Apostle Dr. Melody Barclay on February 23, 2009 at 2:27pm
God has the blueprints and plans for all of our successes. And if we would just seek Him and wait for Him to reveal those plans, than all we have to do is follow them to the letter. All of God's plans are failproof too. Yes He will use circumstnces to build, fortify and strecth our faith. We need reinforced faith for great and phenomenal things. So He's just building your faith to believe Him for the impossible, incomprehensible and the unbelievable. Miracles are on your way. Keep the doors open, and the windows open in your heart, spirit and mid. And whatever He says to you, do it. He doesn't need your resources or your money to bring to pass anything He promised or spoken to you. You're only a step away from the promised and. 2009 will be a year of change and deliverance from you, and behold, He will makeall things new!
Never quit and never give up, no matter how tired or weary you may get. A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.
Comment by Prophet Tom Hayden on February 23, 2009 at 3:37pm
Dear Dr Barclay,
Thank you for your kind response and words of encouragement.
It is now the 23 of February and God has been so good to me during this time.
I know there is so much more to come and I highly anticipate the inevitable unavoidable undisputed move of God in my and yours during this new year.


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