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Greetings from St. Louis,

We are excited to have been able to do so much in only ½ of our trip!!!

God has been blessing MX through us and the gifts of people all over the country. When we arrived in St. Louis we saw that the trailer was empty L But God quickly filled it up with all sorts of goodies. Lynn and Barb are pictured here in front of the trailer after having filled it with Christmas Boxes and gifts from OH and KC. Also boxes of goodies from Redeemer Church in St. Louis. The next picture is Ministry in Action… Our number 4 Grandbaby (Nathan Keith) was dedicated to the Lord! And then we were overwhelmed with Mary Kay product… the most we have ever received in one trip. Joyce Meyer Ministries also gave us books to give away.

We have this month been in Cincinnati,OH, Clinton, IN, Greenville, IL and Park Hills & St. Louis, MO.... We have also been blessed to share about the Ministry with 14 different pastors and congregations addding two new Churches to our list of Prayer supporters…not to mention all the cell groups and individual meetings!

And of course while we are in this part of the world we get to see our family too. We spent one afternoon at Grant’s Farm with the kids. We even got it all arranged to have family Pictures taken (once we get them back I’ll try to post one!) We have seen all the kids and have been enjoying being Abuelos!

We even got to see some extended family as well…with all the weddings (Brian Becker & Sarah Graham pictured) Graduations at this time of the year it really helps us see lots of people in one place!

Continue to pray as we continue our travels this month. TN, AL, GA, FL, MO, TX….Many miles to go before we land at Home in Mexico.

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