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The word of the Lord comes and says this is the hour that my judgments are in the earth. I have always been a God of judgment in every season. My people you have not understood the Judgments of your God in the earth. But even now is my hand of judgment and correction on America for its wicked way. In this season I have sent my angels to judge the Republican Party for its wicked way before me. Does not my word say that I would arise for the oppression of the poor? I have heard the heart cries of the poor and the weak, and it has grieved me saith God, as this party has set itself against my ways, and yet it claims to represent my ways. I am the one that has lifted my hand against them in this hour to smite with the hammer of judgment. It was my hand that swept through this last election cycle and I will sweep even again in the next cycle. I have heard the cries of the homeless; I have heard the cries of the poor mothers. I have heard the cries of those that lack health care, and their cries have come up before my ears. I am not the God of the left or the right, but I’m the God of all the earth that shall do justice. It was I the Lord that judged the Democrats in 1994, and I judged them because of their support for abortion and many things against my way. Now I come to Judge the Republicans for the meanest of their hearts and the callousness of their spirits. I am the one that judged Ronald Reagan in his later years. I judged him because of his wicked way against the poor. I have accurate records of human events. I have now sent a wind against the Republicans because you have set yourselves against the poor. You have viewed them as having no value. But yet I am their defender. I have become the strong tower of the poor. Woe to you O, selfish ones. I have broken you; I will break your party even more. I have sent forth angels to make you a mockery and a laughing stock at this time. It shall be many years before you shall rise again. You are only seeing the first waves of my judgments upon you. I allowed you to have a season but your season is now over. I have heard the cries and the groans of the poor that you have oppressed at the gate. Many will say, this utterance is not the word of the Lord. But remember my people I am no respecter of persons. My word is like a plumb line in the earth, in me there is no variableness neither shadow of turning. Even, as I sent the prophets of old to speak concerning nations and people groups. So do I now rise up prophetic voices to decree my voice in the earth. I am the God of all the earth that shall do just. My prophetic voices shall not be of the left or the right. My prophetic voices of this season shall decree only the counsel of heaven concerning all matters. Wash yourselves my people, as you have allowed political doctrines to take the place of my word in your hearts and minds. I will have no other gods before me. I told you in my word not to go to the left or the right to follow after other gods to serve them. This has been a stench in my nostrils as you have allowed the doctrines of the Republicans take the same place in your heart as my scriptures. Woe unto you that defend Guns. Woe unto you that support the death penalty not knowing the truths of my word. Woe unto you that stood by as this nation invaded Iraq , my church encouraged the nation to sin and prayed for the this nation to prevail in sin. I have now come down in my judgments in this nation. I have caused the mountains now to shake and tremble and fall. The mountains are your mighty businesses that are now shaking and falling. I have come because of the cry and the blood of the dead Iraqis. I am grieved with my church that stood by as dumb dogs that could not bark. You were so blinded by the love of your flag that you could not see that It was not the righteous judgment of God against Iraq. How would I now use you to judge one that you had in past season used as your own tool against others? Woe to the preachers and the prophets that preached and prophesied lies. Woe to the preachers and teachers of the new gospel. They have made my gospel the gospel of America. Instead of the Gospel of my son Jesus. I have sent this word my people like a hammer to speak to your hearts and your spirits. I even the God of heaven desire to heal America; I desire to, and will answer the petition and supplications of my saints. I am a God of great mercy. But I am also the God that prunes and purges and cleans. I am grieved my people as you have allowed the religious spirits in the Republicans to deceive you and pull you from my Gospel. Hear my voice people of mine, I am your God. You are to have no other gods before me. You have created a new God, made with your own minds. Even, as the people of ancient times made Gods by their own hands. In this season you have made Gods by the works of your mind. You have created a dark doctrine, full of dark decrees and tried to make it equal to my gospel. This dark philosophy has become your god. You are a people that worship at the altar of you man made doctrine. You say it is a doctrine of light but I call it a doctrine of darkness. Yes my word says: That men would and can stand by liberal things as spoken through the mouth of the prophet Isaiah. My word says that the Liberal would be made fat. Yet you have hated the Liberal and made the very thought of Liberal as a wicked thing. But my word blesses and confirms those of Liberal and kind hearts. Woe to you evil ones that call good evil and call evil good. It grieves me as you weep and cry for the aborted child yet crush under your feet the living child. I see through you clever deeds and wicked machinations. I am grieved with your dark spokesmen O Republicans. Those, that spew out of their mouths your wicked doctrines and evil ways. You have filled the radio with hate and slander and mockery of the poor. I will bring a strong wind of correction. It shall be as a phenomenon as I move to cleanse the radio and even the television of your dark spewing of wickedness. The poor shall not always be forgotten.
The Lord says consider my people how I have began my judgment and exposure on the fundamentalist. Those that profess to walk with me yet their hearts are far from me. Consider how I am exposing one Senator after the next for their acts of Adultery. These are men that claim to walk in my light but they are just religious and know me not. The Lords says this is just the first wave of the wind that I am sending. I will pull down the wall of the fundamentalist that have opposed the fullness of the Gospel. Those that teach that my gifts and my offices are not for today. They have constructed their own powerless gospel that is a reproach and a stench in my nostrils. What you are now seeing on your television as I expose them is just the beginning of the hand of my exposure. I will free the millions out of the prison of their doctrines of unbelief and nation worship. Woe to those the make the constitution of your nation equal to my scriptures. Woe to those that have taught these things to my people. This is the hour the God of heaven even I the Lord come for my church.

Saith the Lord

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