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It is time to grow up,
It is time to come up,
It is time to go up.

It is time to wise up,
It is time to follow up,
It is time to help people up.

The Lord is speaking in this hour to come up to where i want you to be in the spirit. Stop pausing on what I have for you in my Kingdom. It is time to acknowledge our faults and fix what we messed up and not to continue to blame others for our own faults. He want us to know it is time to get out of other people business in get Kingdom minded. There is no trouble in the Kingdom, but much trouble in the world. He want us to understand that we are not alone as long as we have him in this hour. It is time for us to be real with God and ourselves and God is in the exposing business in this hour and he is wanting to release the promise, but there is no promise to people that have blasphemed against his anointing. We as Christians have backbitted, mummored and complained all last year but in this year God has spoken these words unto me:

It is Manifestation Time in 2009,
You really don't want to whine,
or you will be left behind,
during the manifestation in 2009.

People of God it is time to evaluate whom we are in the spirit. SO much Flesh as been in the way of God and he has not been able to take of his business.

God Bless!

I pray that this will awaken those that feel like they are spiritually dead in this hour.

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