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How to Take Charge Over Our Emotions



An abundant life has been made available to everyone, but it requires work. There are eight steps that lead to abundance, and one of them deals with controlling your emotions. When your emotions control you, depression can sneak in and turn you away from the will of God. Control your emotions and you will control your destiny.


God wants you to be abundantly blessed in every area of your life.

Jesus came so that you can enjoy life and have it in abundance, to the full, until it overflows (John 10:10, AMP), which is the will of God.

Money does not define abundance or prosperity. Abundance includes everything in life.


There are eight steps that lead to abundance.

You must have the Word of God.

The Word is the origin (the beginning) for all prosperity and abundant living.

When the Word is firmly planted in your heart, it will change your circumstances.

The Word of God determines your thinking.

Wrong words will develop into wrong thinking; right words will frame right thinking.

Avoid people whose words negatively influence your thinking.

Your thinking will determine your emotions.

Emotions are defined as, "feelings on the inside, caused by pain or pleasure, trying to move you in a direction."

If Satan can get you to have the wrong emotions, he'll be able to move you in a direction that is out of the will of God for your life.

God gave you emotions so that you can enjoy life. He never intended for your emotions to dictate your life.

How you deal with your emotions will determine whether you experience the blessing or the curse.

The ultimate curse in life is being ruled by your emotions.

Learning to control your emotions will lead you to a life of abundance.

Your emotions will determine your decisions.

Your decisions will determine your actions.

Your actions will determine your habits.

Your habits will determine your character.

Then you will arrive at your destination—abundance, prosperity and overflow.


Uncontrolled, negative emotions will allow depression to enter into your life.

Depression is Satan's attempt to cause your spirit to become so heavy that you cannot go forward.

Depression comes from external pressure that penetrates your heart, influencing thoughts that ultimately weigh you down.

Stress and pressure internalized will lead to depression.

The solution is for you to change the way you think, which will change how you feel.

Jesus was tempted in every area of life (Hebrews 4:15, AMP).

Temptation is pressure applied to your thinking.

When Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane, His spirit became heavy and depressed (Mark 14:32-35, AMP).

Even though Jesus knew what was ahead of Him, He pressed on.

Depression tries to move you backward and away from the will of God for your life.

No matter what happens to you, you have to continue to go forward.

When dealing with depression, remember that Christ has redeemed you from the curse and that God loves you.


There are four things you can do to assure that you are never depressed another day in your life.

Diligently guard what enters your heart and let it not be troubled (John 14:1; Proverbs 4:23).

What you chose to believe about a situation is what you allow into your heart.

Speak to your problem rather than about your problem.

When you speak to the problem, you are guarding your heart.

If something is missing in your life, ask God for it.

Receive what you are asking for in faith and rejoice.

Give thanks and praise to the Father.

Praise rebukes depression.

Thanksgiving expands your capacity to receive.

Scripture References:

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