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The STORM I Endured I almost thought I was going to come out. But, The Almighty BLESSED ME and I Made It. Whatever you are going through HOPEFULLY NOTHING, but If So INSPIRE YOURSELF with A WORD of Wisdom. Plus, fight to stay ALIVE! When I was drowning in my own misery, and could not fight no longer, JESUS STEPPED IN and Carried Me Through. Every week HE is Blessing Me To Be So Happy - It Was All Well WORTH THE WAIT. Though I was angry at my situations, hurting because of my WOUNDS The Heavenly HOST SAVED ME & The Heavenly Host Will Do The Same For You! When you FAINT on The Battle Field ( He Will Give You Power & When Your Might Run Out - He Will Strengthen You! Isaiah 40:29) You are only STEPS AWAY FROM YOUR NEXT MIRACLE -So Get To Stepping & Just TRUST GOD!

Authentically Yours, Queen Prophetess Parice Parker

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