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A vision I recently had
I was laying at Jesus feet, kissing the and cleaving to them not wanting to let him go on , he suddenly reached down and picked me up like a little child and held me close to his bosom and I wept . This seemed to be as long as I needed. I thought I was so special to him that he gave me so much time and comfort. Then he lifted me up and set me to the right and I worship him there, than as I glanced to the right of me I saw a string, a line of people at his feet as far as the eye could see treating each of them as he did me.
I ask the Lord what I am seeing……….
He spoke to me and said I hear each and every one of my people request and I see their distress and feel there pain I have each of them in my bosom close to my heart. I want them to know that I love them and that I am there with them…
Tell my people not to give up on me. I am real and I will provide for them. They are the true treasure of the world, precious gem and great in the eyes of God. Ride this season out in me and you will see that I the Lord have order your step and the end shall speak of me. Come to me you that are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Trust not in the things of this world but trust in the god of your salvation. I am not far but very near, come and lay before me, kiss my feet, give yourself wholly to me and I will show you things that will comfort your soul. Lean no more to your understanding, I n all your ways acknowledge me and I will direct your path. He that has a hear let him hear…

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Comment by Andrew Greirson on July 19, 2009 at 7:07am
Great message sister. Thanks for sharing. Very encouraging to me and to many who are needing to rely on God in faith.


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