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The word says we should stop calling wrong right and right wrong. So why do we continue to fully support Pastors and leaders who do not walk according to the word of God? Especially, those who opening walk in defiance of the scripture. There are Pastor’s and leaders who have affairs openly right in their own ministries disrespecting their wives and families openly. These Pastors want us to embrace their sin, embrace their divorces and better yet embrace their marriages to these women. Yet, through it all they not only ask but expect us to follow them. AND WE DO. Where is that Biblical? Who are we following? Who is our loyalty to man or GOD? We have become a carnal minded people who have learned to do CHURCH really really well. We have deceived ourselves into thinking we are following God. I submit to you if a man can not honor his commitment to his wife and family, then he cannot honor his commitment to GOD nor to you. I know many of you are saying “ Okay Prophetess, things happen”. Yes, they do but even in such things, all things must be done in decency and in order where GOD is concerned. What we are seeing reflects no decency and no order more importantly NO GOD. Think long and hard about what you are embracing, and who you are following, especially in this season. Your answer will ultimately determine your eternal destiny. Do not delude yourself into thinking that because judgment has not hit in epic proportions that it will not soon come. We are walking out the book of Ezekiel. The wind is rapidly turning into a storm. The mighty hand of GOD is about to fall, where will you be found standing?

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