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Greetings from Mexico…

It was warm here when we returned and no signs of the normal rainy season as of yet. So it is staying hotter than normal (Global Warming??) J

Praise Report!!!!

Our crossing was right out of the book of ACTS... I had been really fretting over us getting back into MX with all the news I was hearing all over the USA... and God said... "What?? Just Trust me!" So i figured I had better just let God be in charge!! Boy was I ever smart.. (giggle) We decided not to go across the day before like we usually do but to wait until the morning we were leaving to get the papers.. we also left a little later than we usually do...due to a brother bringing me donuts!! Anyway... as we crossed everyone was getting stopped and searched...so no big deal.. Mike pulled over and showed him his Mexican Paperwork (our Pastor Credientials) and they said no problem...we went all of about 20 feet and the military stopped us again (you'd think they could work together?) anyway, they had us open the trailer to be checked too. Again...we got the wave to go forward... We stopped and got our paper work and were off to the 20 mile check point (this is where we have had issues in the past)...we got the green light but of course due to the trailer were asked to pull over to be searched...as Mike was asking which bay to pull into the guy doing the searching recognized us...waved and waved us on... we didn't even have to stop. Now I don't know about you.. but I believe GOD'S TIMING is perfect!!!

When we got back we jumped right back into the work. The first week we spent unpacking the trailer and looking over our schedule. Then on to VBS…Becky set up and worked the Biblia Pesos Store all week. Biblia Pesos were rewarded to the students for Bible memory verses, participation and for getting caught being Christ Like!

Mike got busy as well. Heading off to the Prison twice this month …taking them new books and Bibles, as well as several pair of used Tennis shoes! They have changed the rules and time a bit since April… and the second visit I was sure he had been locked in as he had to be out of the prison by 2:30 or be locked in and it was already 3. By 3:30 he got home telling me that the rules had changed yet again (due to two escapees) Now once you go in you stay in until 3pm…NO EXCEPTIONS! I was glad to have him home!

We also have been to two villages and have set up the monthly meeting in each… One will be movies and the other will be teachings. Although they both had Mike share and also about our trip to the States!

We are hoping to have our first Intern arriving the end of August –first of September… Be praying that his (Jon) support comes in so that he can come and work along side of us for the next 6 months. He will be using IAM as his 501 c3 organization as well.

Blessings until next month….

Keep C.O.O.L.
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