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Happy Easter…. Or Happy Resurrection Day!!

You should have this before then…if everything goes according to my plan… J

We were very busy last month…Mike keeps telling me there is too much to do and that we should stay in MX instead of making the trip north…in someways he is right… the work NEVER ends!

We were honored to get to take a Doctor from our local church up to El Roble with us. She did on the spot exams and had 4 boxes of meds to distribute! God provided it all! We also took our Easter Coloring books and handed them out with crayons. I think the Adults liked them as much as the children!

Prison Ministry is booming…over the past several months we have prayed for early releases for several of the older inmates. To their surprise we have already seen two get out with the talk of two more this next month. I say to THEIR surprise because I know God answers Prayer… They are learning this too!!

There was also the ISOM Graduation. Prentis Woods from Harvest Time Ministries in TN was able to come and officiate the Graduation and Licensing service. Then he Ordained the Pastor in Tecuala. We had a great time with him, this year he spoke in two new places as well. God keeps opening doors!

As you know each year around this time we make our trek to the USA. Most people call it vacation…but we know better. Although I do enjoy getting to see family and friends, We must remain focused on the purpose of this trip. We are here to give you a report of where your prayers and funds go and what they do while we are in Mexico.

God is our Provider…and HE wants you to play a part in reaching the Lost with us!

Ok… enough shoptalk… the real plans… J You can keep up with on the Internet too.
We leave Tepic April 13th arriving in TX on the 14th. We will be first in Terre Haute, IN April 18-20. Then in Toledo, OH April 21-May 6, Cincinnati, OH May 7-10, Decatur, IL May 13 & 14, finally arriving in St. Louis May 15 until the first part of June. June is south in GA, AL, FL and TX. If you want to see us… you should call us 909 649 4339, we don’t want to miss you! That would be a very bad thing!!


See you soon... REALLY!!!!

ps... we will not be pulling the trailer any further than St. Louis this year... If you have goodies for us to take home please send them to

Becky Kuelker
C/O Life Christian Church
13001 Gravois
St. Louis, MO 63127

They will be accepted and put into the trailer...they must arrive before May 30th.


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