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Our God is Awesome & Terrible (SOS6:4) Well I lost my password for this site and could not retrieve it BUT I found it today. Some folks would consider such a minor triviality, terrible. However, in this I discovered that to lose something is not terrible at all, but not to have the truth that God is terrible is "terrible" indeed.

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O that I might Know Him

Who art thou Lord? I am Jesus!

For God to encounter a man is the ultimate experience a man or woman can have in life. I say experience because when God encounters a man he is forever changed, both in his mission and passion in life.

Meeting God is not only an event, and an experience, but Its also an encounter with truth. Truth is a person! Many will look to religion for truth. but unless one finds Jesus one cannot claim to have found truth! Jesus said "I am the way the…


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Asking Jesus into Your heart?

I dont think one can be a servant of The Lord without facing things that contradict scripture or without confronting fables that others preach as truth that are not in the scripture. With this in mind may I ask  where is asking Jesus into your heart in the bible? Who was it that got saved in the bible by asking Jesus into his or her heart?  If its not in the bible how come preachers, prophet's and apostles use this method? and does this mean the gospel message they give is…


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The Core truth of the Apostles doctrine

The apostles doctrine is based on Jesus and his teachings and include:

1. Baptism in the name of Jesus for the remission of sins

2. Reception of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of other tongues

3. Proclaiming the one true God, Jesus.

Acts 1:1 - Acts 2:38 - Acts 10:44-46. 1 Timothy 3:16 Romans 1:20.

Without these three elements one's preaching cannot be called the apostles doctrine and without this revelation one cannot be called an "apostle".. More like this…


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The Apostolics had it right... How about You!

What's wrong with the "faith once delivered?"  (Jude 3).

The faith once delivered was delivered once and for all. No need to be revamped, reinvented or reconstructed to suit the times day or culture. Our job is to submit to the Lord and his plan for the church rather than reinvent the ministry with our plan for the church. The book of Acts Contain the blueprint for salvation and church order. Many today will talk down the traditional apostolic and Pentecostal folks for their work…


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A Prophet Reveals God is One.

True prophets preach the One true God and Jesus himself as that one true God in person. Immanuel God with us. The Lord God in creation, the Son in redemption and The Holy Ghost coming to us in salvation. One God in three offices.

For too long the church has propagated a Greko-Roman view of God that did not originate with the prophets of old nor the apostles. The God of the bible is One. The word that was with him was his own voice (Logos) and never another person, speaking on his…


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Ministry is not an occupation

In our pursuit of ministry its worth noting that Life, real life is not in the ministry, but in Christ. When one sees that he is in Christ then even ministry has lesser value to him. This means he will preach not because he has to or because its popular among his peers too or because the ministry carries status with it. He preaches because he can truly say, "Its no longer I that lives but Christ that liveth in me!" A man who is called to ministry normally avoids it until that which is…


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Building a No Limit Dream!

Let him take it to the limit

Break the boundaries of the impossible

Provoke you to risk the unknown

Step into that which you've once feared

Broaden your horizons by studying that which you once rejected. Become proficient by being an expert where others are ignorant.

Add value to…


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Preach it like they had it.. and see revival rock your church!

Jesus said a man had to be born again of "water" and "Spirit."(John 3:5) As you wil know, this was carried out by the apostles in Acts 2:38 and also by the apostles when they preached to the Gentiles as in Acts 10. Both accounts reveal that both Jews and Gentiles came into the gospel through the truth Jesus had provided, through water and spirit, the "only way" into the kingdom of God.

"Repent and be "baptized" everyone of you in the name of Jesus for the…


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Is your Passion your devotion?

Passion is not just enthusiasm it's devotion to a cause. Heres are some indicators of passionate men (as in man kind).

1. Passionate men unlock a passionate mind into a passionate blog. When they write its always about the same stuff and thats good for when a man has real passion, he can't change the subject and cannot change his agenda. 

2. Passionate men find solutions others were not prepared to hunt down or seek out.



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