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Greetings from Mexico

What a month for change… Jon Arrived Sept 2nd.. and we were off and running… That weekend was the first gathering of the One Mexico One Prayer movement… two weeks later we gathered at the fair grounds and had over 1000 people come together in unity.. On the 26th we had the last event at the Theater…over 1000 people inside and about 300 outside watching on a big screen!!

Mike has already gotten Jon on the camera at Vida and he is doing well. There are… Continue

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Sept update 09

Greetings from Mexico!!!

It has finally started to rain (with a little help from Hurricane Jemina)…but nothing like the last few years. It has been staying hot BUT we have Electric!!! We have fans!!! And we’ll make it through!

The many faces of Mike!!!

He wears many hats… but it’s always the same loveable Mike under each of them… weather he is setting up to show a movie in Tuxpan, Ready to share the Word of the Lord in Pochotitan or run the video camera in the Church… Continue

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August Update

Greetings from Mexico…

It was warm here when we returned and no signs of the normal rainy season as of yet. So it is staying hotter than normal (Global Warming??) J

Praise Report!!!!

Our crossing was right out of the book of ACTS... I had been really fretting over us getting back into MX with all the news I was hearing all over the USA... and God said... "What?? Just Trust me!" So i figured I had better just let God be in charge!! Boy was I ever smart.. (giggle)… Continue

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Kuelkers on the Road

Greetings from St. Louis,

We are excited to have been able to do so much in only ½ of our trip!!!

God has been blessing MX through us and the gifts of people all over the country. When we arrived in St. Louis we saw that the trailer was empty L But God quickly filled it up with all sorts of goodies. Lynn and Barb are pictured here in front of the trailer after having filled it with Christmas Boxes and gifts from OH and KC. Also boxes of goodies from Redeemer Church in St.… Continue

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April in Mexico

Happy Easter…. Or Happy Resurrection Day!!

You should have this before then…if everything goes according to my plan… J

We were very busy last month…Mike keeps telling me there is too much to do and that we should stay in MX instead of making the trip north…in someways he is right… the work NEVER ends!

We were honored to get to take a Doctor from our local church up to El Roble with us. She did on the spot exams and had 4 boxes of meds to distribute!… Continue

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March in Mexico

Greetings… and Salutations…

What a great month… there seems to be something right around the corner as Satan has been attacking us at every turn… we are still STANDING WITH THE LORD!!!

We were blessed this past month to have Pastor/Missionary Steve Smith with us…he held a Leaders Conference with over 10 different Churches in attendance. He also got to share in 3 of the churches we have been working with very closely. Plans are already underway for Next… Continue

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News from where it is Warm!

Today is Ground Hog day… and Phil says 6 more weeks of winter… Not sure he knows what he is talking about… but I’m glad I’m where it’s warm!!! Here is just a little sample of what we have been up to this month.

EL ROBLE… is a Huichol village about 3 hours up in the mountains from Tepic, you first pass the Cajon Dam and then keep climbing! In the Oct/Nov newsletter you may remember pictures of this trip. This month we got there with NO car problems (are we wearing Satan down?!) We… Continue

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Feliz Ano Nuevo!!!


Wanted to fill you in our month of "REST"... or at least that is what we thought we were getting... NOT when you work for the Lord He keeps you busy...and as the new year begins are schedulel is filling up! We tape at least 8 to 10 programs a month for Sin Limites...in between doing all the othre ministry!

PUGA: on the 14th we had a big Christmas party. One of the highlights was that the Children’s… Continue

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