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Greetings, Salutations, and the Blessing of the Lord to you!

Kitty and René Loyd are two of the funniest, and two of the most unusual people you could ever meet. During the 1960's and 70's -- and even into the 80's -- Kitty traveled around singing in different churches with a couple of ladies from Spokane, and she developed quite a reputation for her musical gifts as well as her sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. Some time in the future,… Continue

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Epeshians 4:3

Endeavoring to keep the UNITY of SPIRIT in bond and of PEACE. I know it is hard to ENDEAVOR when many things are trying to hold you back, and INCLUDING BELIEVERS you. When things and UNTIMELY circumstances come that YOU DID NOT PLAN FOR appear, it is hard to ENDEAVOR! Think of EVERYTHING to come AFTER your ENDEAVORING WILL BE OVER. Just THINK! No matter what you are going through, Please ENDEAVOR to Keep PEACE! The peace of ministry, the peace of your… Continue

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The Five-Fold Christian Ministries International

Dear Fellow Ministers,

Once again, I am inviting you to join me and other Ministers (in the Five-Fold Christian Ministries) for fellowship and for eventual conferences to be held in the five Continents at least once every year, to share God's Vision to each one of us and to protect each other from eventual heresies.

Sadly, I noticed that there's a spirit of "competition" in the BPN groups! It seems that as someone starts a group, others will start their own groups similar… Continue

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We have a fire started

Hello Everyone,

I am still in Florida and it has been an incredible 38 days so far. We have seen God blow in, blow down and blow up things that were not of Him. He was not angry or mad but wanted to realign the body a little bit, kind of a spiritual chiropractic adjustment.

We all have been challenged and yes that includes me. I do not like being exempt from His touch even if I am the speaker. I keep reiterating that you have not come to see me, we have all come to see Him and… Continue

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This is the best day of your life; and today's going to get even better as it progresses! Yessirree, Bob!

So Good Morning already!

Corday Trick is a mortgage banker in Yakima, Washington. He and his fellow-banker, Bryan Jones, have been in the mortgage banking business for quite a few years. Unless you've been living on the planet Mars during the past year, you are well aware of the historic downward slide in the housing market and… Continue

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As I was deep in prayer the Lord impressed in my spirit that many of God’s chosen and appointed leaders have truly been suffering in these past few years which has caused them much shame. They are apostle, prophets, and pastor. It seem as though your vision has died and that the words God has spoken to you has fell to the ground. You have spoken in faith before the people standing on the word and in righteousness but it seem as though God has not moved.

I heard the word of the Lord… Continue

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What - What Shall I Say?

What - What Shall I Say?

When things go terribly wrong in your life, as you are trying to keep the faith? What Shall You Say? When life takes an unexpected twist and turn on you? What Shall You Say? Or perhaps when your love one, turn their back on you? What Shall You Say? What about your finances, job or income then what shall you say? Romans 8:31 What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us? Life will sometimes appear disastrous right before your… Continue

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We are from Kerala the southern state of India. Basically very good in Literacy. But failed to keep social peace and stability. Attack against children and women are dangerously aroused as the years go. Gang rape is common in the society. Police officers, Political leaders and other dignitaries are the culprits now. Last year 3000 women and children are missed from the society. Many become orphans due to many kinds of imbalanced life style. Abused wifes and children really common to society.… Continue

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Men Without Vision

I have been young and am old, yet I have not seen The righteous forsaken or his seed BEGGING bread (Psalm 37:25)

Do you suppose David might have been blind when he made this statement? I don't know about you, but I have seen God's people suffering, begging for food for the day. Maybe David was sheltered from destitution because he was the king? Is this just poetic license, or is David saying something that we don't quite understand?

Some of the answer… Continue

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This word was written as a result of the 'Nightline' Face-Off: Does Satan Exist? and a recent survey by the Barna Group "Most American Christians Do Not Believe That Satan or the Holy Spirit Exist" It's time for the body of Christ to EARNESTLY CONTEND for the FAITH which was once delivered unto the saints".

(Read Luke 8:27-37)

Jesus is traveling across the countryside when he encounters a man who has been driven insane by demons. This man lives… Continue

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Saints It Is Time To Get Dressed!

Psalms 132:16 I Will also clothe her PRIESTS with SALVATION: and her saints shall shout aloud for joy. When you need your PROVISION BLESSED, & FAVOR to come to you - you will pray for remembrance of your affliction (Unto The Most High) You will walk in HIS PRESSENCE & Obey The Voice of The Almighty! When you want your provision satisfied you will get personal related to HIM. Nothing will come in between your worship, prayer, devotion, word study and soul preparation. Because if you know… Continue

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Do not faint nor be weary for I shall come and that soon. Trust in the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob for as I was with them so shall I AM with thee. Wipe your tears and dry your eyes for I AM the beginning and the end. For as the wind bloweth you know not whence it comes but you know it comes, so shall I come in the mist of your troubles. Wipe you tears dry your eyes for I am he that cometh and my reward is in my hand. Get up children from your bed of afflictions and rise and shine for I AM as… Continue

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Ministry Website

if you want to view me at riveroflifemin.com or youtube and crosstv.com

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Thank you

I want to send a big thank you to all the people who have blessed me with prayers.

The bi lingual meetings we had were incredible and Father God did show up.

In the morning service Father dealt with the heart of the church, honesty and integrity.

The evening service saw much healing reconciliation and of course prophetic words for the people.

Over all it was a tremendous time with Father God.

Thank you for your prayers.

Oh and by the way I am still in Florida at… Continue

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The Supernatural History of Ames International School of Ministry

The History of Ames International School of Ministry

By Pastors Vince and Laura Rizzo

A Brief Personal and Ministry History:

My wife, Laura, and I met in 1983 where she was singing at a local Christian coffeehouse. During that year we lost touch with each other but our paths again crossed in 1985. We discovered that we were both in active ministry and our friendship turned into a courtship and then in God’s timing, we fell in love and were married.

For many… Continue

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Kingdom Economics XXXV

And a good, good morning to you! This is the best day of your life! Yessirree! It is! And it's only going to get better.

I'm still not quite back on track for my regular schedule of Coffee Breaks, but things are improving.

My thanks to all those of you who have written and expressed congratulations to us over our move to Prosser; and to those of you in Prosser who have welcomed us, Thank You! I apologize for not having had the time… Continue

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