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Welcome, Rev Cheryl A Wallace!

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What is your ministry office ?
Apostle/Prophet/Pastor/Domestic Violence Advocate
What ministry are you part of or head of?
Trust His Heart

STOP DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and VERBAL ABUSE: first in the Church,then in the world!

STOP DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and VERBAL ABUSE: first in the church, then in the world. The Body of Christ has been given the authority over all things. All can be bound in heaven and in the earth. But, we must not be walking in the sin ourselves!
Verbal abuse, emotional abuse, mental abuse, spiritual abuse, financial abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and many other types are all part of domestic violence. Verbal abuse is the beginning of all abuse.
Will you be a part of the solution? Will you be a part of the team that gets trained up to help labor in the fields? Will you help the Bride become without spot or wrinkle?
Verbal abuse is running ramped both in and out of the church. Each one of us have been both an abuser and a victim, with the razor sharpness of our tongue. By coming to the foot of the cross we can stop this disease first in the church, and then in the world. IF each one of us would become accountable, not only to the ones we love but others we are in relationship with daily. By each of us choosing to stop the verbal abuse, it can quickly become a model for the Body of Christ to follow to begin healing to stop abuse.
Many leaders in the Body of Christ from Apostles, Prophets on down the line, Pastors, church leaders, members, etc are currently involved in committing domestic violence in their homes and other places, on people they love and minister to. Many pastors abuse their wives/children on the way to church (often verbal abuse/fights) or before church on Sunday morning, then they get into the pulpit and preach about the love of Jesus, forgiveness, tithing, etc. Some go home and then molest their children/spouses and go back to church on Sunday evening to preach again. It might only be a tongue lashing this time, or a harsh word, or calling of a name, or a slap, or backhand or ………. It is domestic violence. It is breaking the heart of Jesus. There is help for you and your loved ones, if you will come to the foot of the cross and repent.
Will you examine yourself first? Will you hold yourself accountable?
Will you ask the Lord where and when you are or have been verbally abusive and to whom? Is it your spouse or your own children? Will you allow the Lord to shine HIS light into your own heart to begin the healing in this area that most have not even ventured to think about or consider? Will you be accountable to the Lord and others?

We need to be pure and clean vessels in every area of our lives. We are the examples that the Lord is using in the earth right now. Each of us are being watched by many, most of whom you have no idea are watching. Do they see you walking what you are talking? Do they see a PURE JESUS in and through you and your lives?

Many in the church, including leadership, have secret sins in their lives that have not been safe to reveal to anyone in the past. That is no longer the case. The Lord is providing SAFE people and ministries to help us in areas we have struggled in for years in SAFETY and in most instances confidentiality. We need to purge our lives of our secret sins immediately. The Lord is about to unleash a new thing in the earth, let us be found without un- repentant sins.

If you have things in your life that you have not ever been able to discuss or confess to anyone without judgment, please contact me. I will begin a dialog with you and be here to help you find a safe person or safe ministry to help you deal with your secret sins and habits. There is freedom available to you. Power, control and idolatry are the causes of all abuse.
Those of us in leadership are held to a higher standard according to the word of God. To much is given, much is required. Are you willing to risk releasing your secret sins to Jesus? It is the time and the place to receive your freedom.
Will you become a part of the solution? The whole world needs your help and modeling healthy accountability.
If you are being hurt or are hurting someone you love and want help, please contact me and I will assist you in getting the help you need. I have begun a ministry to start teaching and equipping the Body of Christ to Stop Domestic Violence FIRST in the church, then in the world. This purifying of the Bride only will come through relationship both with Jesus and SAFE Brothers and Sisters in the Lord.
Jesus loves each one of us and HE is the ONLY answer!
HE is a God that CANNOT LIE! He has a future and a plan for your life!
Trust His Heart!

Please join Trust His Heart to become part of the network to purify the Bride!

Rev Cheryl A Wallace's Blog

Stop Domestic Violence first in the church, then in the world. The Body of Christ has been given the authority over all things. All can be bound in heaven and in the earth. But, we must not be walkin…

Stop Domestic Violence first in the church, then in the world.

The Body of Christ has been given the authority over all things. All can be bound in heaven and in the earth. But, we must not be walking in the sin ourselves!

Verbal abuse, emotional abuse, mental abuse, spiritual abuse, financial abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and many other types are all part of domestic violence. Verbal abuse is the beginning of all abuse.

Will you be a part of the solution? Will… Continue

Posted on March 18, 2009 at 5:18pm

Comment Wall (14 comments)

At 7:34pm on September 2, 2008, Rev Cheryl A Wallace said…
Stop domestic violence first in the church then in the world!
At 9:24am on September 7, 2008, apostle prince y badjene said…
hello rev how are you
At 9:25am on September 7, 2008, apostle prince y badjene said…
hello rev how are you?
At 9:25am on September 7, 2008, apostle prince y badjene said…
Hello calavry greeting ,, is apostle prince yaotse badjene from togo west africa , nurse by profession, founder of icess ministries devoted to evangelism (crusades, leadership seminar, church planting, prision and hospital ministries, mission trip ) and assist through (medical care, clothes and food distribution, primary educational school , orphanage)

Am pastoring a church and president of ministers and churches association call INTERNATIONAL ALLIANCE OF APOSTOLIC AND PROPHETIC MINISTRIES and founder of school of ministers for leaders call


I and ministry would like to be in networking, affiliation and covering with you

We would like to invite you to visit us in togo and give us your mailling address so we can send to you our video and infrmation

Visit our web on www.icess-togo.site.voila.fr


mobile +22899147441 +2280101155

address :07BP13801 lome togo

Prince and Gisela BADJENE

Apostle and prophetess



tel 002289147441 mobile2280101155


P o Box 13801 Lomé-Togo


At 8:50am on September 10, 2008, Josephine Muombe said…
Praise the Lord our God in name of Jesus Christ.
I found your name and contacts through the internet network and It has really blessed me so much. I have a desire to be part of the team with your ministry. I have written with hope and in good faith to implore possibility to establish a family and ministerial relationship with you. As we partner in communication, prayer and team work. I also hope we may meet in future.

We are a group of dedicated women ministry workers and mission volunteers from different denominations and church ministries in Kenya. We desire to help and encourage the needy, downtrodden, discouraged and hopeless. We do coordinate of Seminars, Workshops and Conferences for women and it has impacted the lives of countless individuals in a positive way. We go the extra mile to ensure each person whose life is touched is left whole both spiritually and physically healed.
(See attached photos)

We are just networking with already existing ministries and we have not yet identified with group or strong ministry that we can work with as we lift each other in prayer, partnership and support. We have worked with a women’s networking ministry but that is not yielding to what we stand for and communication is poor. We now just go with name Women Ministry Services and STILL ARE SERIOUSLY SERCHING FOR THOSE WE CAN ASCRIBE TO.

We are interested in any good WOMEN MINISTRY to team with us and help provide:

1- Preaching, Teaching, Seminars or Workshops for our Church and women ministry.
2- We humbly request you to pray for us and our ministry, provide us with your ministerial/leadership counseling.
3-We would also like our Bio advertised on your Website newsletter.
4- Link with us in assistance for us to get a name for the ministry or start a chapter here with us (incase you want to start one with us or the existent one in our area is ineffective).

If it can be feasible from that point, please be free to let us know.

However, I would like to share something about what I do and myself.

I am Josephine Muombe Ngundo. I am married to Pastor Vincent Barasa Maina. We are blessed with two sons, Larry-10 years and Nzola- 1 year and five months. We currently make our home in the suburban estate of the Nakuru town, Kenya, Africa. My husband, Vincent Maina, is pastor of Revival Gospel Church. I am a leader of women fellowship and ministry. I help women here in the general life ministry, especially the spiritual nourishment and divine calling as a woman, mothers, wives and ministers. I lead and serve through a community-based women group and ministry specifically targeting women in towns, slums and villages to teach them the biblical family values.

(Some of our group photos are attached here in this mail)

(I am in Blue dress holding literature, in black suit & red blouse, and others are with my family, and indoor ministry. Some of These photos were taken during and just after meetings and distribution of helpful literature and Magazines to women.

The dedicated Force for Women in Ministry is in Nakuru, Kenya. We have its partnership working as members throughout the country of Kenya and hoping to expand to Uganda. It exists to strengthen and equip women in ministry and local missions in our regions. They have served in planning and convening national conferences for women and mothers, especially pastors’ wives because they can carry the message to others through their churches. The group also partners with other local churches here in teaching family values, ministering to the needy and teaching God’s word.

I and other three sisters founded Our Women Ministries in Kenya. It started its operations in late 2005 through noble callings we embrace in the Christian, social and community service to women, mothers and helping (feeding and clothing) destitute children!

To honor, glorify, and heed the voice of the Living God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. To seek and to save those who are lost by taking the word of Jesus Christ beyond the walls of the Church, via conferences, crusades, seminars, and retreats in cities and principalities all over the world. To empower, encourage, exhort, equip, advance, and, continually, edify the Body of Christ in thanksgiving and praises, while tearing down strongholds that divide women racially, denominationally, socially, and economically, while lifting high the banner of the true and living God. That allows us to walk in love, in the anointing and in the healing power of Jesus Christ. To welcome every woman (and men) of God into this fold, according to the faith that Jesus Christ lives, is the Son of God, and is the Soon-Coming Messiah. Most of all to uphold the true calling as a woman, as mother, as wife, as homemaker and in total unity with men.

-Counseling to the women who hurt.
-community development
-Teaching how to make better nutrition.
-Farming skills
-Reaching Villages and evangelism. We do the Ministering of the word of God in both its simplicity, and complex, organize and hold meeting targeting women who need our help most.
-Visiting Schools especially the all girl high schools with the message of hope and empowerment. And most of all ministering Love.

As you know, most of the Economic/living conditions of people in the Sub-Saharan Africa, There must be alternative ways to make living. Therefore we endeavor to engage in:
-Digging and constructing boreholes in needy villages.
-knitting and tailoring.
-Bicycle transportation.
-Dress making and embroidery.
-Small enterprises and micro-farming.
-Agricultural activities, especially horticultural produce.

*We hope to have magnificent income generating projects to help cater for the needs of the ministry and the members.

If you have a desire to partner and team with us in friendship and communication, please, contact us through address below and tell us how you can start to strengthen our hearts in encouragement, prayer and testimonies. I would also like to know more about your country and its diverse lifestyles as well as your ministry interests. We would like you to be part of us.

A good friend is a gift from God. A friend is so dear and so good, always there to share our hopes, visions, and dreams. They are available to encourage each other when one is feeling so low and in trials. I am praying to have one I do not know if you will be interested to have a friend like me. Being a friend to you and you to me will make a difference in our lives life...I have developed many aspects of relating with other people of different cultures and backgrounds amidst many up and downs in our ways of communicating. That is what our ministry here does. Life is more beautiful, interesting and complete when one has a good friend like Jesus. Our friendship is a blessing as we emulate Christ. Thank you and May God bless you.

Josephine Muombe Ngundo-Barasa
Women In Ministries
P.O. BOX 15818 Nakuru
(20100) KENYA, East Africa
Tel: +254721606974
Email: womennministry@hotmail.com
At 9:39am on September 10, 2008, Josephine Muombe said…
Bless you
At 5:03am on November 26, 2008, Apostle Amos Kagwetha said…
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Rev. Cheryl Wallace.
I am apostle Amos from Nairobi Kenya-East Africa. I am the founder of Nairobi Christian Outreach Center in Nairobi- Kenya.I am just sending this request to ask for fellowship. We love the Lord and love you too. I am looking forward to network with you to the glory of our good Lord. God bless you.
At 5:46am on November 28, 2008, Apostle Amos Kagwetha said…
Praise the Lord Rev. Cheryl.
This is just a quick note to thank you for accepting my invitation to be part of my network. May the almighty father bless you as I look forward to working together with you and your ministry so as to fulfill the great commission. Please feel welcomed to come to Kenya at any time God may allow you. Please lets us remain connected via this network.
May the Lord Bless you.
I am your brother in Christ,
Apostle Amos.
At 10:12pm on February 25, 2009, Yolanda Mitchell said…
AWESOME!! May God grant you according to your heart's desire. And fulfill all your piurpose. Pslms 20:4
At 5:29pm on April 10, 2009, SwordOfFire said…
thanks for adding me as a friend . May our Lord bless your richly .

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