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I hope we are watching because God has a;ready begun to purge the body of Christ. I n the midst of this "recession" the people pf God have been called to the forefront. Just as inthe days of old God allowd things to get pretty bad but yet in themidst if the hard times he spoke words of faith, an dinstructions. hose that followed the word endured to the end but those that just heard it and did not believe saw the blessing but never entered in.

The word of God says the just shall live by faith, this is the truth even more so now. One thing that hinders faith is sin. When there is a part of our life that does not line up with God it is an act of disobedience and doubt. You can't speak, you can't believe, your hindered but just like inthe days of old God has sent a wake up call to the believers to line up. Warning before destruction. The question is do we hear the call, and if we do, are we telling others.

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